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Merry Conway

Merry Conway is a teacher, and performer. She teaches workshops in a range of subjects: Movement for Actors, Clown, and has developed original pedagogy on The Embodied Humors, Wit and Wordplay and The Fool. Merry trained with Trish Arnold in London and her work has continued to provide a strong foundation for Merry’s thought. Merry is a Founding Teacher at Shakespeare & Company, having taught at the first January workshop, bringing movement as well as Clown into the Company pedagogy, for several years thereafter. She became the Clownmaster there in 1983, and through the company, received and NEA grant to study Clown and Fool in Shakespeare. She has also taught at LA Women’s Shakespeare Company, Actor’s Shakespeare Project, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, Emerson University, and Brandeis University. She is a regular teacher at the Linklater Center in New York, and co-teaches with Kristin Linklater at the Kristin Linklater Center in Orkney. In the past five years, she has taught many workshops in Italy as well as her own workshops in New York City. For 20 years Merry was a performer and co-producer of Conway & Pratt Projects which created large-scale, installations with performance along with her collaborator, Noni Pratt. She has danced with Susan Dibble for many, many years and valued the creative exchange. Merry is delighted to mark the circle completing on 40 years, returning to Shakespeare & Company for this workshop.

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