Michael Hammond


Michael Hammond is an actor, director, playwright and teacher, who recently retired after ten years as an instructor at Boston University’s School of Theatre. Prior to Boston University, he worked for many years at Shakespeare & Company, last serving there as associate artistic director. He has appeared as an actor on Broadway, and at various regional theaters. His most recent live performance was part of a collaboration entitled The Cattle, presented at Douglas Dunn’s studio in New York City. Thanks to a recent informal reading at Shakespeare & Company, he’s just completed a revision of his adaptation of Uncle Vanya, entitled Uncle Vance. Currently, he’s trying to wrap up a years-long project entitled Gone Before, Cont’d, an audio memoir about his late friend, who was Michael’s primary collaborator on an original music CD entitled Gone Before. Another project in the works is a series of monologues spoken extemporaneously (for the most part) by this irascible character named Ezra, who just showed up in the middle of the night a few months back.

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