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Phoebe L. Giddon

Owner at Travel Consultants International and Co-owner of the Rothman’s in New York

Phoebe L. Giddon is a graduate of Brandeis University, and has served as a member of the university’s Board of Women and Gender Studies, a feminist organization made up of female students and professors. She and her husband, Dr. Donald Giddon, created the Women and Health Initiative in the Women’s Studies Program at Brandeis, and have sponsored WGS’ popular “Sexuality in Healthcare” course.

Ms. Giddon owns the travel company Travel Consultants International in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and is the co-owner of the Rothman’s in New York with her sons. She is actively involved with various arts organizations in and around Berkshire County, including Tanglewood/Boston Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Giddon also served as a volunteer with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind.

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