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The Contention (Henry VI, Part 2)

The Contention (Henry VI, Part 2)
By William Shakespeare

The first edition of Henry VI, Part 2 was printed in 1594 as “The firste parte of the Contention of the two famous houses of York and Lancaster.”

Nearly 430 years later, Shakespeare & Company has given the title a modern abbreviation as it explores themes of royalty that remain timeless: strategic marriages, political treachery, religious unrest, and a measure of “comic sport –” particularly in the arena of law.

Commonly regarded as the strongest of the Henry VI trilogy, The Contention centers on the War of the Roses, a murder plot, and a rebellion that widens the divide between two houses. It will be presented from June 17 through July 15 at the Tina Packer Playhouse; Opening Night is Saturday, June 24.

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