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1:38 Min
Ralph Lee – Mask-maker, 1936 – 2023
2:05 Min
TRAILER – Shakespeare & Company – Ken Ludwig’s Dear Jack Dear Louise | 2023
2:49 Min
TRAILER – The Contention (Henry VI, Part II) | 2023
2:07 Min
TRAILER – An Iliad (2022)
1:34 Min
TEASER TRAILER – Shakespeare & Company
1:15 Min
MaConnia Chesser, Casca, Julius Caesar

The Archives

Shakespeare & Company maintains nearly 50 years of photos, videos, and correspondence, maintained on-site by The Oral History and Archive Support Volunteer Team, and more than 20 years worth of images of performances, casts, events, and more in our digital photo archives. You’re welcome to take a virtual walk through these historic images any time via the link below.
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