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Theater & Studio Space Rentals

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Shakespeare & Company has a variety of theater, event, studio and production spaces available for rental. Whether you are planning a production, meeting, workshop, seminar or celebration, we have the perfect space for your group, right in the heart of Historic Lenox, Mass. See below for a complete list of our facilities.

Theatrical Studios

Shakespeare & Company has three state-of-the-art theatrical studios that can double as performance spaces. Each room is equipped with lighting grids (at 15′ 9½”) with 400 amp stage lighting, in an array designed and installed by High Output from Canton, MA, nationally known experts at stage and film lighting.

Sprung floors are on neoprene pads, which make the airy rooms particularly suitable for dance, yoga and other physical movement.

Two of the three rooms have multi-glass panels set in the wall, allowing for natural light, an aesthetic and functional concept that heightens awareness of natural lights, spaces and contours surrounding the building. The Studios share a lobby with a kitchenette and separate entrance from the adjacent paved, lit parking area.

An elaborate series of acoustically advanced features were built in to prevent the transfer of sound between the three rehearsal rooms and the production shop, including sound absorbing panels on the walls and sound dampers on the ceilings of all three rooms.

Studio 1 – 1,125 sq. ft.
Studio 2 – 1,625 sq. ft.
Studio 3 – 2,125 sq. ft.

Indoor Theater Spaces

The Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre

The Bernstein Theatre is a versatile stage space, 70 feet by 35 feet, with four distinct seating configurations for stage presentations and events. The space is highly adaptable and flexible, depending on the creative and hospitality needs of any event.

  • The entire space is covered by a lighting grid (at 13′ ¾”) so that every part of the environment can be transformed into performance space.
  • Lighting and sound control booth.
  • Entrances at all four corners of the room located on three sides of the space.
  • Body-contoured seats are removable and storable, allowing the space to be turned into a unique function room for business or non-profit meetings and events.
  • Access to a full, commercial-grade warming and serving station located in the building. *Due to current long-term company usage, this kitchen will not be available until 2024*

Theater Seating: In its typical thrust configuration the Elayne Bernstein Theatre seats 195, with seats aligned to three sides of the stage.

Bernstein Theatre Lobby and Terrace

The Bernstein Theatre lobby, cafe and outdoor terrace overlook a natural wetlands garden. The open gallery designed space includes seating at cafe tables and a bar, and is equipped with refrigeration, ice machine, service sink, digital connectivity plug-ins and ceiling-installed projection capabilities. This space is equipped with a liquor license to meet any special function needs.

Access to a full, commercial-grade warming and serving station located in the building is available. *Due to current long-term company usage, this kitchen will not be available until 2024*

Maximum capacity 188, or up to 150 seated at 15 round banquet tables.

Tina Packer Playhouse

Inspired by Shakespeare’s theaters where everyone was close to the action, our air-conditioned, scaffold-and-canvas theater, featuring six available configurations, places audiences on three sides and two levels, in box seats and comfortable armless, cushion-backed benches.

Also available for your rental is access to:

  • Box Office and ticketing system.
  • Lighting and sound control booths.
  • Backstage area including green room, loading dock, dressing rooms and wardrobe/laundry facilities.
Josie’s Place Café (Playhouse Lobby & Terrace)

Located in the Tina Packer Playhouse, Josie’s Place Café is a semi-circular windowed lobby with seating at cafe tables, bar counter with seating, refrigeration, ice machine, sink, CD player, local phone service and ADA restrooms. This space is equipped with a liquor license to meet any special function needs. The adjacent outdoor terrace overlooks the Shakespeare Garden and the Rose Meadow.

Maximum capacity 466, inside and out.

Playhouse Tent
Located adjacent to the Playhouse lobby and restroom facilities, the Playhouse Tent is a 30′ x 70′ tent overlooking the Rose Meadow.  Available seasonally (mid-May through September), this tent seats up to 200 at 60″ round tables and/or can be configured for nearly any use.

Outdoor Theater Spaces

Rose Footprint Theatre

Our outdoor Rose Footprint is a reconstruction of the first level of Shakespeare’s first London theater, the Rose Playhouse. Shaded by a 77’ diameter tent mid-May through September, the theater is situated on our beautiful Rose Meadow.

The Rose Footprint features removable “groundling” seating for up to 250. Restrooms are located nearby in Josie’s Place Cafe.

Roman Garden Theatre

Located adjacent to the Tina Packer Playhouse Terrace, our Roman Garden Theatre offers an intimate outdoor venue with an arbored entrance surrounded by greenery and shaded by pine trees.

This seasonal venue is flexible with removable seating. Restrooms are located nearby in Josie’s Place Cafe.

Arthur S. Waldstein Amphitheatre

Set underneath towering spruce trees, this picturesque venue features comfortable canvas seating, beckoning all to relax and enjoy everything the stage has to offer.

This Arthur S. Waldstein Amphitheatre features removable seating for up to 540. It is accessible, and amenities include a paved parking lot, outdoor picnic tables, and tented seating for pre- and post-event enjoyment. Restrooms are located nearby in Josie’s Place Cafe.

Other Spaces Available for Rentals

Costume Shop

The fully outfitted 2300-sq.ft. The Costume Shop at Shakespeare & Company is situated on the second floor of the Bernstein Theatre. With large windows creating a full wall of natural light, and newly installed air conditioning, the sewing room provides a comfortable, well-lit environment for building and altering costumes.The Costume Shop includes over a dozen sewing machines, three over lock machines, two industrial irons and five large cutting tables. Two 7.5′ x 9′ fitting areas are situated in the main sewing room.

Our wardrobe facilities include three washers and dryers, and plans for a dye and paint room in the near future.

We have over 4,600 sq ft of costume storage, holding approximately 2,000 pairs of shoes and boots, 1,800 hats and crowns, 425 masks, and 20,000 pieces of clothing which cover most historic and modern periods.

The Costume Shop can be rented at various times throughout the year, depending on Shakespeare & Company’s production season requirements. Please contact us to learn when the Costume Shop is available for rental. For Costume Shop rentals, please contact Costume Shop Manager, Michelle Hathaway at mhathaway@shakespeare.design or (413) 637-1199 ext. 376.

Production Facilities

The production department’s facilities include a scene shop, properties shop, and sound-recording capabilities.

The scene shop is 110 feet by 60 feet and features enhanced electrical capability and high-yield, low-glare, energy efficient lighting.

The scene shop includes a paint deck (20′ x 40′), pneumatic and power drop downs located all over the shop, and a vast assortment of tools and equipment including a SawStop table saw, radial arm saw, panel saw, band saw, metal chop saw, miter saw, router table, compound bench sander, planer, lathe, and various other hand tools. (If you need a specific piece of equipment that we don’t have yet, we can accommodate you by acquiring it for our collection — just ask!)

A ventilation and heat-recovery system along with overhead radiant heat provides a comfortable working environment.

For Production Facilities rentals, please contact Production Manager, Kevin Harvell at kharvell@shakespeare.design. (413) 637-1199 ext. 380.


Once home to the Lenox Boy’s School, Shakespeare & Company’s campus has accommodations for 75 people or more on site including dormitory-style rooms that accommodate up to 40 people on full-sized or queen-sized beds with associated common rooms and kitchen facilities, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom apartments with 2 baths in each, and other accommodations that may fit one’s particular needs as well. All accommodations have linens provided, dishes and cookware, wi-fi, convenient paved parking, and are just a 1/2-mile walk from the center of Lenox (with more than a dozen restaurants, a coffee shop, a bakery, a grocery, etc.).

On site accommodations are typically available for rental between Labor Day and the end of April, but inquiries about all dates are welcomed.

For more information about renting our spaces, contact General Manager Steve Ball at steve@shakespeare.design.

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